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Tracee Nye is a self taught artist beginning since she could grasp a crayon. As a child her favorite "toys" were blank sheets of paper, pencils, magic markers, play-doh, and glitter. (something she never outgrew)

While working/playing in her makeshift studio she loved to play records on an old turntable her mother had refurbished for her one year for Christmas (bright white with yellow daisy speaker covers) This began her deep appreciation for music and art.

Today her favorite mediums are acrylic paint on almost any surface, pencil sketching both colored and lead, water colors, ink and all forms of clay.

Her favorite "painting" time of year is Autumn and she loves the rain!

Her favorite subjects to create are anything fantasy and mythical including, faeries, mermaids, dragons, powerful totem animals, planets, sea life, castles, Viking ships, kings and queens and anything else that signifies magic, dreams and love.

Born in Utah and living her teens and most of her adulthood in Colorado, she now calls Washington state home and loves it!

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